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Supervision & Coaching  

Trauma-Informed Supervision, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultation for groups and individuals

Kristen Pringle, Trauma-Informed Mental Health Occupational Therapist

I have been so fortunate to work with so many amazing professionals over the years who have guided, nurtured, trained and supported me. My learning and experience grew exponentially from the experiences client's shared with me over the years and the invaluable lessons they taught me. I have been able to incorporate my lived experience, and say yes to so many opportunities in my career, which led me to work in multiple health and education related sectors over the past 16 years, after completing a Master of Occupational Therapy Practice, post-graduate studies in Infant and Parent Mental Health at Melbourne University, and extensive training in paediatrics, mental health, supervision, and mind-body interventions and therapies, including Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga training. 

This rich journey has enabled me to offer supervision, mentorship, consultation, coaching, speaking and training, to hundreds of health professionals over the past 10 years, in group and individual sessions, in-person and online. I am able to tailor clinical and reflective supervision, mentoring and training to your needs and provide compassionate coaching to support your practice.

I work closely with Family Violence practitioners, specialists, and managers, Housing workers, Family clinicians, Mental Health clinicians, Maternal Child Health Universal services, child and parenting support workers, mind-body facilitators and occupational therapists who work across the lifespan.  I also supervise, tutor and mentor Occupational therapy students as a teaching associate at Monash University within the OT department, and I am also a lecturer & mentor for professionals undertaking the international TCTSY Certification from CFTE at JRI in the US.

My professional roles over the last 16 years have included: Teaching Associate in the OT Department at Monash University; as a trauma therapist and consultant in private practice; a Mental Health Practitioner in Secondary School; the Practice Development Clinician & Clinical Educator for a CYMHS; Families where a parent has a mental illness co-ordinator in Adult mental and addictions health; Project Coordinator and program developer in Education and mental health in schools; Health mothers healthy babies worker; Early intervention key worker and occupational therapist; Infant facilitator and family violence practitioner RCH; and a Trainer in Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive sensory approaches & Trauma-Sensitive mindfulness. 

Publications - Bunston,W., Eyre,K.,Carlsson. A. &Pringle,K. (2016).  Evaluating relational repair work with infants and mothers impacted by family violence Australian & NZ Jnl of Criminology, Vol 49 (1) 113-133

Services for Professionals

Complimentary 15-30 minute consultation call for supervision, mentorship, coaching or consultation via Zoom or Mobile

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